5 Ways to Increase Productivity

5 Ways to Increase Productivity, desk accessories, get shit done, get ish done, how to be more productive

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With the new year comes new goals and resolutions, and I feel like one of the most common goals that people set is to be more productive. I’ll admit–I’m not always the most productive person and tend to get distracted easily (thanks, ADD…), but today I wanted to share 5 ways to increase productivity when I need to get ish done!

  1. Create a schedule. It’s always a good idea to have a plan set out so you know what you need to do and when it needs to get done. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to stick to it minute by minute, but it helps put things into perspective. I use the large ban.do agenda, which I’m obsessed with. It has ample amount of space, pages to write down notes, stickers, fun things to do, etc.
  2. Set reminders on your phone. I do this all the time for appointments, work, social events, or even things on my to-do list like take a package to the post office or post on Instagram! My brain tends to be pretty forgetful, so having my phone (which I’m on a lot of the time) to remind me is super helpful!
  3. Have a clean space. If you’re organizing your office, make sure you’re stocked up on stationery, paper, and general office supplies. By ordering online, and with quick delivery from places like Office Monster, you can get your office looking shipshape quickly. I don’t know about you, but if I’m working in a messy place, all I want to do is clean! If your office is a small space, then you could probably clean it yourself. However, for bigger offices, you might want to try Green Facilities to see if they could help organize your office more effectively, allowing everyone to stay focused and eliminate distractions. A few people have also suggested some document management software, which is great if you’re constantly trying to find old documents. My friend owns her own business and she loves using it. If you work in a paper-filled office, it might be worth checking out FilecenterDMS to eliminate clutter and distractions. Which leads me to my next point!
  4. Eliminate distractions. This is probably the most important! When you’re in the zone, it always sucks when someone walks in and breaks your focus (*cough* mom *cough* ;) and starts up a one-way conversation with you. Even though there’s lot of people coming in and out, I love going to coffee shops to work because it’s likely that no one will come up and start talking to me to distract me. Your phone can also be a big distraction, so sometimes it’s necessary to put it on airplane mode for a bit!
  5. COFFEE. I hate to admit it, but I’ve become a coffee addict. If I don’t have my coffee in the morning and afternoon, I feel like I can’t get anything done!
  6. Use cute “desk” accessories! Having a cute agenda makes me want to use it all the more, as well as notepads, binders, and other desk accessories. Shop my favorites below!


How do YOU increase productivity when working?! I’d love to know!

xo Katie


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