I love when you find old pieces of furniture that almost look like there’s no hope for them, and then give them a simple makeover, giving them a whole new look.
We’ve had a table and chairs at Taim Boutique that we’ve been wanting to paint for a while, and we finally did it this past weekend.  Both the table and chairs had old wood that was very faded and they just looked blah.  Our “color” at Taim is a light teal color, so we decided to paint over the dirty looking wood with that color to give it a special “Taim” touch.
This is what the chairs looked like before (without the top wood panel). 
And the after! Such a small change, but it looks so much better, right?!
I’m kinda obsessed with this color and the way it looks against the navy walls outside of the store!  I would love to have these in my own place, so I’ll definitely have to start doing some garage sale and thrift store hunting :)
We also used this setup in our lookbook shoot yesterday, and it looked so fab. I’ll be sure to share the final pictures with you guys once they’re done!
Have you given any old pieces of furniture a little makeover?  Share in the comments below!

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