AGU Music // January

AGU Music: January

Today I’m starting a new series, AGU Music! At the beginning of every month, I will share a Spotify playlist of my current favorite songs. I will update the playlist each month with new songs, but I will copy and paste the last month’s playlist to another list in case you want to revisit it. But just subscribe to this one and it will automatically update every month… if you want :)

Over the past year or two, I’ve been listening to less and less mainstream music, and listening to more Alternative and Indie music because I just find it so much more enjoyable! So that’s the majority of what this playlist is.

One of my new favorite bands is @thebanddoe, which features one of my favorite bloggers @tezzamb, who actually inspired me to start this series! Her style is so enviable, and music obviously has such an influence on what she wears. They had a gig here in LA back in October and I’m bummed I didn’t find out about them earlier! Their next show is in Salt Lake City, UT, so if you’re in that area you should definitely go!

There’s also a couple Christian songs in the mix, but they’re not your average “worship” songs, which I love and have more of a modern/alternative sound. I’ve known of NEEDTOBREATHE for years, but for some reason never really got into them until now! I would compare them to Mumford & Sons with a bit more soul and edge to them, which I love.

Hope you enjoy this playlist! I’m always up for more recommendations too, so let me know what you’re currently listening too in the comments below!

xo Katie

January Playlist


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