Closet Makeover

I was at my friend’s house yesterday, and she asked me if I would like to help her clean out her closet.  Of course, I accepted since I love organizing!  I had no idea that I was going to be doing this when I went to her house.  When we started, I thought it might be a good post, so I started taking pictures.  Here are some before and after pictures of her closet! We still have to work on the floor, but it’s pretty much done!

A lot of the stuff that was shoved into the cubbies was laundry that hadn’t been hung or folded, so most of it went to the other side, or was put in a bag to give away.  I folded her shorts and jeans and organized them from light to dark.
On this side, things were hung crooked and inside out, and everything was just thrown in there completely unorganized (sorry, Ali, but it’s true).  I hung everything very neatly and organized it by type and color.  On the top are the dresses, blouses, t-shirts and cardigans.  On the bottom are sweatshirts (there’s a ton of them), jackets, sweatpants, pants, then skirts.
When I finish with the floor part and organize her shoes, I’ll add the pictures to this post!
How do you organize your closet? Is it by style? Color? Let me know in the comments below!
XO Kate


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