Fall 2010 Accessories

             Accessories are essential in anyone’s fall 2010 wardrobe.  Because of the economy, accessories are being worn as the statement pieces in an outfit.  Main accessories for this fall are big, jeweled rings, leopard print accessories, matching bright bags and heels, snakeskin heels, and messenger bags. 
According to a surveyed group of 100 girls from Uni, messenger bags are the top accessory for fall.  “Messenger bags go with every outfit.  They’re cute, sensible, and practical,” says Maddy Bilder (Sr.).  Bling rings, matching bright bags and heels, snakeskin heels, and lastly, leopard print accessories followed closely behind.  Amara Eser (Sr.), who chose bling rings as her favorite fall accessory, said, “Bling rings allow me to pull my outfit together without being overly accessorized. It’s my go-to jewelry.”  Any of these accessories will complete a simple staple piece outfit.
Now it’s your turn to make these accessories your own.  Here are some ideas for outfits with the accessories incorporated.  Let’s say you’re going to your friend’s Sweet 16 party.  Wear your LBD (little black dress) with leopard print heels and a leopard print headband, along with gold bangles.  Or for school, wear a plain white t-shirt, skinny jeans, a black blazer, matching red flats and bag and a big stud ring.  For colder weather, switch the t-shirt out for a black turtle neck – very classic.  You can instantly update your wardrobe just by adding these accessories to your collection. 
However, there are two very important accessories that never go out of style: confidence and a smile that comes from the heart.  They do not cost you anything, but are worth a million when delivered correctly.  “It’s important to own your style and not let your style own you,” says Nkem Chukwumerije (Sr.).  Delaney Shiokari (So.) commented, “If you carry yourself confidently, your outfit will look much better.” 


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