Fun Activewear & My New Years Resolutions

Outfit Details:

Tek Gear Sweatshirt (ON SALE!), MGP Leggings via Marshalls, JustFab “Tonya” Running Shoes, Target Sunglasses

Neon & Aztec Athletic Wear

Happy New Year, everyone!!! With a new year come new resolutions and I’ve got a few of them: Travel somewhere new each month, make photography a profitable passion, and lose 50 pounds!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I mentioned about a week ago that I started Herbalife in December, and guess what… in two weeks I’ve already lost 7 pounds! That means I’m almost one fifth of the way to reaching my goal.

I was introduced to Herbalife through a friend of mine from church, Breanne. I initially met her through the Divine Ministry, which is where 15% of the profits from my jewelry collection goes towards. Anyways, her family also owns an Herbalife shop here in Irvine. Last month, she asked me if I would want to start a program so that I can get down to my goal weight and look & feel healthier. After thinking and praying about it, I decided to go for it! It’s a HUGE lifestyle change that I’m in the process of getting used to, but so far it’s working so I’m super excited about it!

This is what my days look like in terms of meals:

A shake for breakfast with either vanilla shake powder & coffee or strawberry shake powder & fruit

A small snack in between breakfast & lunch

A nice-sized lunch, but still healthy and full of protein

Another small snack in between lunch & dinner

Another shake (usually with fruit) for dinner

And LOTS of water (60 oz per day, to be exact)

I’m tracking everything in My Fitness Pal, which has actually been the most difficult part, surprisingly! Breanne is coaching me through all of this and I’m sending her pictures of each of my meals, as well as screenshots of My Fitness Pal each day. We’re also reading Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst (my mom has encouraged me to read this book for YEARS). It’s all about how we’re “made to crave” God, not food or other earthly/material things. It’s teaching me so much, like how I need to be persistently praying for God to give me strength and self-control. My biggest weakness when it comes to food is sweets and baked goods, so I’m in need of some serious self-control resisting those bad boys. Or should I say… sweeties.

This is the beginning of a HUGE journey that is going to really change my life in so many ways, and I would love for you all to be a part of it, which is why I’m going to be sharing monthly updates here! If it’s your thing, I would also love for you to join me in prayer, that God would get me through this with His strength and that I would be able to reach my goal.

Neon & Aztec Athletic Wear

In the beginning of this process, I’m not working out any more than I was before (which was barely anything, to be honest!) so that I can see just how well Herbalife works. But I’m going to start working out (running & yoga) next month to help speed up the process of losing weight, and also tone up my body.

I bought some new yoga/running leggings yesterday at Marshalls, as well as a matching sports bra that you can see on my Instagram here. I love the fun aztec print and touch of pink that perfectly matches my running shoes from JustFab!

Neon & Aztec Athletic Wear

Neon & Aztec Athletic Wear

Neon & Aztec Athletic Wear

I’m loving this trendy half-up bun hairstyle! Have you guys tried it??

Neon & Aztec Athletic Wear

Neon & Aztec Athletic Wear

If you want some fun & colorful activewear for the new year, be sure to stop by Marshalls because they have a TON of cute stuff!

Happy New Year!! What are YOUR new years resolutions??

xo Katie


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