Getting Bronzed with Blush Tan

This past Saturday, my friend and I ventured down to La Jolla to check out Blush Tan & spend a day in sunny San Diego! When I was asked if I wanted to try out Blush’s organic sunless tanning, I was so stoked because I’ve been wanting to get rid of my pasty white skin that developed over the winter.

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Blush organic sunless tanning

Blush Tan La Jolla, CA studio

I’ve gotten spray tans before, but they were the ones where you stand in the booth for a few minutes, and I always felt so claustrophobic in those things (I even had an anxiety attack once!). But great news–Blush is not like that at all! From the second you walk in to when you walk out the door, you feel relaxed and not claustrophobic whatsoever. Even the lobby and waiting area is spacious and bright with happy music playing, putting you at ease.

For the actual tanning part, you of course get your own room, which is huge! I’d say it’s about 4 times the size of a normal tanning room, and there is no booth or automated machine involved. One of the professionals walks you to your room and explains the process, then once you’re ready, they come in and airbrush you themselves. I was honestly kind of nervous for this part because my body is definitely not bathing suit ready, and I don’t like people seeing me in a bikini or my underwear. But the girl that sprayed me was so nice and made me feel so comfortable by asking me questions about my blog and making other small talk.

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before Blush Tan


after Blush Tan

Outfit Details:

Daisy Shoppe Top, Artisan New York Jeans via T.J. Maxx, Lush Couture Sandals (identical pair), Forever 21 Hat, BP. Sunglasses

You guys, this tan makes me feel SO GOOD!!! I even feel like it makes me look slimmer and healthier. What’s awesome about Blush is that the tanning solution they use is completely organic with no oils or alcohol, so it won’t dry out the skin, clog pores, or cause breakouts. This was great for me to hear because my skin is SUPER sensitive.

The service that I got was Blush’s most premium service, the new Anti-Aging Blush Tan, which contains caffeine and hyaluronic acid. These natural anti-aging ingredients will help to moisturize the skin and permanently reduce the appearance of cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles. A few hours after getting the tan, I actually told my friend that my skin felt SUPER soft–softer than it’s felt in a long time!

spring break ready

spring break ready

mirrored aviators

getting bronzed with Blush Tan

spring break outfit

Spring Break outfit

spring break style

I honestly loved Blush Tan SO much and wish it wasn’t all the way down in La Jolla. If you’re near one of their locations (check to see if you are HERE), you DEFINITELY need to make your way over to Blush!! Seriously.

Use code “allglammedup20” to get 20% off a full body spray tan!

Have you ever done sunless tanning? What was your experience like?

xo Katie

Thank you to Blush Tan for sponsoring this post!


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