How To: Fall Smokey Eye

A couple months ago, I attended an event at Blushington at Fashion Island where they showed me how to create this “inside out smokey eye” look that’s really popular for fall and I absolutely loved it! It was so much darker than how I usually do my makeup, but it was kind of a nice change. I’ve always loved experimenting with different makeup looks, so I put my own twist on the fall smokey eye look they created on me.
NYX “Velvet” Eyeshadow
Crown C476 Brush
MAC “Idol Eyes” Eyeshadow
Forever 21 Blending Eye Brush
MAC “Embark” Eyeshadow
MAC 266 Brush
Inglot 4SS Brush

Step 1: Use the flat end of the Crown brush to apply NYX “Velvet” on the outer corners of your eyes and in the crease. Blend enough so that it looks “natural.”

Step 2: Use the Forever 21 blending brush to apply the MAC “Idol Eyes” on the inner corners of your eyes.

Step 3: Use the MAC 266 brush to make a wing with the MAC “Embark” shadow. I usually wet the brush first, and then dip it in the shadow (this minimizes the amount of fallout). Don’t worry if it’s not perfect–the next step will take care of that! I also applied a tad bit on my lower lash line.

Step 4: Use the smaller end of the Crown brush to blend, blend blend. This honestly took me quite a while to do, and I had to add some more of the dark brown to get the look I wanted. You can use as little or as much as you want. It just depends on how dramatic you want the look to be. Don’t forget to blend the lower lash line as well!
Step 5: I also put a little more of the NYX “Velvet” over the brown and blended it all out with the Inglot 4SS brush. 
Step 6: I believe no eye look would be complete without eyeliner, so I once again wet the MAC 266 brush and used the MAC “Embark” as a liner.

Step 7: Apply your favorite mascara! My go-to right now is Maybelline’s Rocket Volum’ Express.

And you’re finished! Share your fall smokey eye look with me on Instagram if you try this out!

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