Just the beginning…

Hello, fashion fanatics!

This is a blog where you can get your latest fashion and beauty info.  It comes straight from the runway, translated to ready-to-wear clothes that you can find in your favorite stores.  What’s that I hear?  You say you can’t afford cute, trendy clothes?  Psh!  Don’t worry about the money!  I know exactly where you are coming from, and I have found great ways to dodge the worries of money.

In case you were wondering (whoever “you” is…), I was inspired to start this blog from watching the movie Julie and Julia.  I thought to myself, “Well if Julie can become a well-known writer just by writing about a passion of her’s in her own blog, why can’t I make my way into the fashion industry by making MY own blog?”  So here I am, starting my own blog about what I love; fashion and beauty.

I hope you enjoy!


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