Local Find: Bellacures!

I have always loved getting pampered and feeling like a princess (what girl doesn’t?!).  When I found Bellacures on Balboa Island, I was so excited!  It is a little pricey, but SO worth it.  If you want to treat yourself to an amazing manicure or pedicure, you should go to Bellacures!

The first time that I went there, I got the Minty Fresh manicure which included the regular manicure procedures, a peppermint scrub, mask, and moisturizer that was done on my whole arms.  I was also given probably a 30 minute massage on my arms, shoulders, neck and temples.  The week prior had been a stressful one, so it was just what I needed.  The total was $65.  It definitely did not last that long–only a couple days–but considering I was working in retail and using my hands all the time, it wasn’t surprising.

When I went back to do the review, I got gels, knowing that they last much longer, and they did!  They lasted about two weeks before they started chipping.  The color that I got was more neon than it looks in the picture.  I loved them!  And they did a great job.
I also brought my friend Kara along with me to keep me company.  She was about to leave to go on a missions trip to Antigua for a week, so she got french gels, knowing they would last until she got back.
Here’s a look at what I was wearing that day! Love this outfit :)
If you want to check out Bellacures, they have a few different locations: Balboa Island in Newport Beach (the one that I visited), Laguna Beach, Beverly Hills, Brentwood Village, Santa Monica, Studio City, and Pasadena.  Also, if you tell them that allGLAMMEDup sent you, YOU GET $5 OFF!!! How great is that? :)
I hope you guys check them out, and if you do, let me know about your experience there in the comments below!
XO Katie

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