Metallic & Preppy Bed Styling

Duvet Cover: Target | Polka Dot Sheets: Target | Gold Throw Blanket: PB Teen | Leopard Pillow: PB Teen | Monogrammed Pillow: PB Teen | Sequin Pillow: PB Teen
For the past few months or so (actually the past few years…), I’ve been in the process of re-decorating my room. I first wanted it to look like a girly Parisian boutique (with white, gold, and light pink), and although I still love the whole Paris aspect of it, I’ve changed my vision a little bit. I want to add more pops of color and make it a bit more clean and modern rather than vintage or shabby chic. 
Right now I’m in the process of decorating my desk (which I’ll be sharing in the next couple weeks!), but I’m hoping that my next project will be styling my bed. The other night before falling asleep, I actually had a “vision” of what I wanted my bed to look like: white duvet cover, black and white polka dot sheets, and mismatched pillows. I ended up not falling asleep for another hour or so because I was searching the internet trying to find white sheets with black polka dots. Surprisingly, it was very difficult! BUT, I finally found them at Target.
I put together some bedding pieces that resemble the style I’m going for with my whole room. I want to have lots of white to keep my room bright, and add in gold here and there along with pops of pink.  Sometimes I kind of wish that I could be one of those preppy Southern sorority girls that wears all Lily Pulitzer, J.Crew, Kate Spade, and everything monogrammed, so I added in a little bit of that with the pink monogrammed pillow.
What do you think of my bed styling? Share in the comments below!

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