My Etsy Store!

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you have probably seen the links to my new Etsy shop.  I wanted to share it on here just in case any of you hadn’t seen it yet.

I have been making jewelry with my mom since I was about 7 years old.  As time went on, I took some breaks.. for a couple years at a time (haha) and now I’ve gotten back into it.  I feel like I have more creativity now and it’s now easier for me to think of designs to make.  It’s also easier since I actually follow fashion trends now, so I now know more what people want to buy.

Right now, I just make beaded jewelry, but I am hoping to learn how to do other things too.

Here are some of my favorites that I’ve made! And you can use promo code KICKOFF to get 10% off! Go shop!

Just FYI, I’m trying to save up money to go to either Lucky Magazine’s LuckyFABB Conference or the IFB Conference so I can learn how to be a better blogger!
XO Katie



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