My First Eyelash Extensions from Amazing Lash Studio

My First Eyelash Extensions from Amazing Lash Studio Los Olivos

Whenever anyone has asked me if I could only use one beauty product for the rest of my life, my answer is ALWAYS mascara. I just love how big it makes my eyes look and flatters my face. Because I love wearing mascara, I’d often had thoughts about trying eyelash extensions, but was hesitant because of people saying their own lashes had fallen out with the false ones.

But when Amazing Lash Studio reached out about trying theirs, I thought, “Why not?!” And you guys, so far I LOVE them!!! I don’t even really need to put makeup on anymore.

Amazing Lash Studio has four different styles of lashes: Natural, Cute, Gorgeous, and Sexy. For my first time, I went with the Natural just to be safe. At first I thought they were a little long and could be thicker, but after a few days went by I got used to them and now I love how they look! I’ve gotten so many compliments on them.

Because I do like that thicker look, I’ve been using the Amazing Lash Mascara on days when I’ve done a full face of makeup. They suggest to use their mascara because they know it doesn’t have any chemicals or other ingredients that could ruin the lashes. I also bought the Eyelash Foaming Cleanser and have been using that twice a day–in the morning and at night–to keep the lashes clean so they stay on longer.

As far as actually getting them done, it takes 90-120 minutes. You lay on your back on a massage table while they individually glue each lash onto your own lashes, so your eyes are obviously closed. I thought I would get so bored just laying there, but it was actually really relaxing! They have calming music playing, so I actually almost fell asleep a few times. Besides sleeping at night, I literally never have time to just lay down for a couple hours and not pay attention to my phone or being doing something… Er, I just don’t make time for it!

So if you’ve been thinking about trying eyelash extensions, I definitely recommend checking out Amazing Lash Studio. They currently have 134 locations throughout the country, and 19 more coming soon.

Amazing Lash Studio Los Olivos in Irvine also has an introductory offer of $79.99 (regularly $250)! Click here to book your appointment now!

xo Katie

Thank you to Amazing Lash Studio Los Olivos for sponsoring this post!


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