New Discovery: INGLOT!

I know, it has been quite a while since my last post…
But I discovered something AMAZING, so I have to blog about it.

My newest discovery is the makeup brand/store, INGLOT. Recently opened at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, INGLOT Cosmetics has over 200 different shades of each product for eyes, lips, nails, skin, along with over 100 different false eyelashes. There are 240 locations worldwide, 6 in the United States, with 12 more opening this year.

INGLOT was founded by Wojtek Inglot, a Polish chemist, over 25 years ago. His mission was to formulate high quality cosmetics for reasonable prices using the finest elements. He is still currently involved in the production process of all new INGLOT products, which are all produced in Europe. Not one of the products is tested on animals, making them consumer friendly. The producers work with makeup artists and color consultants to find the latest trends in makeup, keeping all their products up to date in the world of beauty. They are constantly developing new items to keep customers interested, as if they weren’t interesting enough.

Their newest product is the Breathable Nail Polish. This new technology ensures healthy nails, along with beauty. INGLOT is the first brand to have a “Breathable” nail polish, making them revolutionary. This product does not contain any harsh chemicals that other nail polishes include. In fact, it contains a new polymer KS-02, which was originally designed for contact lenses. The chemical allows the nails to breathe, which keeps the nails healthy.

They also have the Freedom System. In the store, you can pick and choose your colors of eye base, eyeshadow, powder foundation, concealer, lip color, blush, and even eyebrow powder and wax. There are hundreds of shades to choose from, along with many different palettes to put them in, creating thousands of possible combinations.

The beauty experts at INGLOT make each customer’s experience memorable by helping them create a personalized palette. Something unique about INGLOT is that they provide a magnetic board on which you can create your own color combinations. They also have a selection of palettes to choose from, depending on which product(s) and how many shades you want.

I had walked by the store before, thinking it was another expensive high-end makeup brand. But when I finally went in and discovered that it was affordable, I was so excited. It is hard to find makeup brands with quality and selection, while still remaining affordable. With the same quality and better selection, many have compared INGLOT to MAC Cosmetics. At MAC, a single eyeshadow is $14.50, but at INGLOT, an eyeshadow trio is $20, making INGLOT about half the price of MAC.

The revolutionary makeup company, INGLOT, is emerging into the beauty world with their “solid foundation” of new ideas. “Come play, and create your own color palette!”

If you are interested in INGLOT, the Newport Beach location is hosting the “Breathable Beauty” Event on Saturday, January 22 from 3PM until 7PM. Beauty gurus will join together to “paint the town red, and their nails too!” There will be complimentary mini “Breathable” manicures by Kynn, as well as makeovers from the INGLOT team of experts. Shoppers will also recieve 10% off their purchase, so this is the best time to go!


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