New York!

So. I’ve recently decided that I want to move to New York next year to pursue my fashion career. I realized that if I stay at home for the next two years, I would lose so much time that I could be spending starting my career. Also, there are so many more opportunities in New York than in Los Angeles. I’m thinking of taking a semester off from school so I can work full time to save money, since living in New York is so expensive. I will probably move there right before spring semester (when it’s going to be freezing cold!) so that I can get settled in and find a job.
Now, I know I will not be able to start right out in what I want to do. I plan on just sticking my foot in the door by being a receptionist or assistant or something along those lines.
So, if anyone has any advice, suggestions, comments, please comment below. If you know of anywhere in NYC that is fairly reasonable and in a nice place, please let me know.


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