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I don’t talk about beauty on my blog that much anymore, simply because my makeup and hair routine has become so much more simplified over the past couple of years. However, when I find something that I truly love, I will share it with you all here! That is the exact case with this new haircare brand I was introduced to a few weeks ago, Shampyou.

Shampyou haircare: your own personal concoction

Shampyou is a new haircare brand (only available at Ulta) that lets you create your own concoction based on what type of hair you have and what kind of treatment it needs. You start by choosing which shampoo base you want (Ylang Ylang & BergamotJuniper & MintMimosa & Jasmine, or Lemon & Verbena). These are all for nourishing and protecting your hair. As you can see below, I chose the Juniper & Mint. I’ve smelled shampoos like this at salons before but have never had one of my own and I am OBSESSED with the smell! It’s so fresh and crisp.

shampyou shampoo & conditioner

Shampyou haircare only available at Ulta

The next step is to choose which two Super Serums you want to add into your shampoo. There’s 8 different serums, so combined with the shampoos, there’s over 144 possible combinations! I chose the Back to Your Roots because my hair tends to fall out pretty easily and I also have a semi-dry scalp, as well as the Gimme More Moisture because the ends of my hair is DEAD. After bleaching it last year and always twirling and playing with my hair, I’ve gotten so many split ends and my hair has just felt so dry the past few months.

BUT not anymore!! You guys–even after using the Shampyou shampoo & conditioner just two days, my hair already felt so much more healthy!! It was (and still is) smooth and silky and just feels so rejuvenated.

Shampyou Super Serums

shampyou haircare

This is honestly my new favorite shampoo & conditioner and I can’t wait to try out the other shampoos and serums!

To try the new Shampyou out for your self, stop by your nearest Ulta or shop online here.

xo Katie


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