Show Me Your Mumu at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad

Yesterday, my friend Chelsea and I went to The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA. It’s a piece of land with “over 50 acres devoted to raising the ranunculus bulb crop, [and] approximately five acres […] for other specialty flowers” ( I had the day off from work and we wanted to go on some sort of day adventure. I hadn’t been there since I was four or five, and all I could remember was just a huge field of all different color flowers. Unfortunately, The Flower Fields are only open until May 10, so they had already taken out 60% of the fields and harvested it, and the flowers that were there weren’t at their best, but it was still so beautiful! There were also the Artist & Rose¬†gardens “designed” by artists and gardeners that were so¬†breathtaking.

Keep reading to see what I wore and all the pretty flowers!








Metal Marvels Bangle | allGLAMMEDup Designs Bracelet













Show Me Your Mumu Top c/o | Miss Me Jeans c/o | Lush Couture Sandals (identical pair here) | allGLAMMEDup Designs Necklace

I’m totally obsessed with this Show Me Your Mumu top, guys! I absolutely love the shape of it and how loose it is. Lately, all I’ve been wanting to wear is loose & comfy clothing, and this top is just that. It would even work with black skinny jeans & heels for a night out!





I think my favorite part was this Artist Garden. Here’s the history behind it:

“In 2002, nationally recognized artist Patricia Patterson created an enduring connection between color as found in nature. Using colors as a primary medium, Patricia described the Artists’ Garden as…

“‘inspired by the cloistered gardens of the medieval era known as pleasure gardens, where nobles went to restore themselves, and the contemplative gardens of Islamic and Christian traditions which served as retreats and sanctuaries, this garden will offer visitors an experience of serenity, filling them with the desire to examine the intricate details of plant structure and color, the behavior and beauty of the birds, changing sky in the pool. Children and Adults can sit on the edge of the pool and dip their hands into the cool water. Visitors can experience the connectedness of bird, plant, sky, earth, shade and sun. The wooden benches under the trellises are for sitting and observing the proximity of brilliant flowers, the sounds of small birds, the presence of a large rectangle of pure water reflecting the sky.’

“Carrying on the love of gardening and art, our master gardener, Don Miller maintains the Artist Garden. It’s Don’s experience as a gardener, and his knowledge of plants that inspires all of us to use color in our own gardens.”

Having quiet time in nature is one of the best things for your soul. For one thing, the peace & quiet makes it so much more easy to hear and connect with God. But also just being surrounded by His creation puts me in awe. I’m so thankful for the beauty that God has given us to enjoy, and also the fact that people use that beauty to make art.


















Like I mentioned, The Flower Fields are only open until this Sunday, May 10. But if you’re in the Orange County/San Diego area next Spring, be sure to check it out!

Have you ever been to a place like this? Share in the comments below!

xo Katie


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