Wednesday Wishlist: Maroon @ TOPSHOP

So yesterday, I wasn’t able to post a Wednesday Wishlist, so I’m posting it a day late! 
Along with Jade, which I talked about last week (view that post HERE), maroon is a big color for fall.  I was browsing through the new arrivals on Topshop, and noticed that they have quite a bit of maroon for fall!  I have to be honest, all of the fall fashion has been making me kinda depressed with all of the darker neutrals and muted colors.  As we move into fall, I will definitely miss my neons and pastels (although I am still going to try and incorporate neons into my outfits in more subtle ways).
Anyways, here are four outfits that I put together from Topshop’s new arrivals incorporating maroon!

What do you guys think of this color trend? Tell me in the comments below!
XO Katie

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